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Is your carpet looking old and smelling less than fresh? Gordon’s Carpet Cleaning offers residential and commercial carpet cleaning to have your carpet not only look and smell clean, but remove the deep, set in dirt and dust in your carpet. Learn about the services we provide, to make the carpet in your home or office like new!

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Duct Cleaning London Ontario

Did you know that without regular maintenance, the ducts in your home or office can build up years of dust, dirt and allergens? This build up will affect the air quality and cleanliness of your home or office. Learn more about how to improve the quality of your air!

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From Our Family, To Yours

Gordon’s Carpet Cleaning offers experience and care with each service we provide. With over 30 years in the carpet cleaning industry as a family owned business, our clients are our family!

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Tough stain? Let us help!

Spills happen, but how do you remove those tricky stains that won’t seem to budge? View our Carpet Cleaning 101 and FAQ’s page to learn how to better care for your carpet!

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