Residential Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning London Ontario
Ensuring your home not only looks clean and smells fresh, but offers a clean environment for your family, starts with your carpet. Gordon’s Carpet Cleaning offers professional carpet cleaning to rid your home of the dust and dirt that build up in the fibres of your carpet, providing longevity and cleanliness to your carpet. With the use of our truck mounted, portable equipment, we offer residential steam cleaning, or hot water extraction.

When you want the very best in carpet cleaning for your home, contact us. We’ve been cleaning carpets for 33 years! We often get asked how we get carpets so clean. View our carpet cleaning method page and find out how we do it.  Just keep it a secret between us!


Area Rug Cleaning

While vacuuming offers a temporary facelift to your area rug, by smoothing out fibres and removing large visible dust and dirt, it does not provide a thorough cleaning. Gordon’s Carpet Cleaning uses steam for area rug cleaning, to bring life back to the area rugs in your home. Steam cleaning offers a gentle method of cleaning, safe for use on the finest oriental and Persian rugs to wool and synthetic areas rugs.

Our Method

Our carpet cleaning method has been perfected through 33 years experience. We first pre-treat the surface of the carpet to rid your carpet of any stains or discolouration; we then use hot water extraction or steam cleaning, to remove the soap, water, dust and dirt that has embedded itself deep into the fibres of your carpet. This process leaves your carpet looking and smelling fresh and clean, providing renewed vitality to your carpet and home.