Carpet Care 101

We know you can’t always have a professional carpet cleaning company clean your carpets every time you spill something on your carpet or rug. When you DO need an expert carpet cleaning company, make sure to contact us!

To keep your carpet looking as best as it can between professional carpet cleaner visits, here are a few helpful tips:

Vacuum Smart!

While vacuuming may seem to be pretty straightforward, there is a proper way to ensure you are removing as much dirt and dust as possible. To properly vacuum your carpet, follow these simple rules:

  1. Position Your Vacuum!
    Not all carpets or vacuums are built equally; adjust the height of the vacuum head so the beater bar agitates approximately two inches from the head. The beater bar is what moves the dirt in the fibres of your carpet, so it may be sucked up by the vacuum.
  2. Follow Directions!
    When vacuuming, be sure to go against the grain of the carpet causing the fibres to stand up. By opening up the fibres, you not only give your carpet a fresher appearance, but also allows for the bristles to reach deeper set dust and dirt.
  3. Slow Your Roll!
    Vacuuming shouldn’t be race to the finish. The purpose of vacuuming is not to seek out visible dirt and dust, instead to remove the dirt you can’t see. For the best results, slowly move from section to section of the carpet, giving the beater time to scrub the fibres and loosen dirt for a more thorough cleaning.
  4. Don’t Cut Corners!
    Have you ever noticed that edges of your carpet often appear darker than the rest of the room? This is the filtration line; all of the dirt from the walls falls and pools into the corners of your room. Left alone, this dirt will turn to grime and eventually stain the edges of your carpet. Be sure to use the attachment of your vacuum to suck up any extra dust, to help diminish the soil filtration line between cleanings.

Oh No! I Spilled!

We all spill occasionally, but with proper care, those spills won’t turn into stains. There are a few easy steps to remember when you’ve spilled onto your carpet:

  1. Act quickly. A spill doesn’t have to become a stain. The longer the spill remains on the carpet, the more time it has to set into the fibres.
  2. Remove the excess of the spilled item with a spoon or utensil. Do not use a cloth, as it will rub more of the spill into the fibre of the carpet.
  3. Do not rub! With a white absorbent cloth, dab the area of the spill until the spill stops transferring to the cloth.
  4. Use a carpet cleaning solution to help remove the remainder of the spill.
  5. For tough spills, call Gordon’s Carpet Cleaning for a quick stain removal! See our residential carpet cleaning page for more information.

Deep Clean!

While vacuuming is great way to keep your carpet looking clean and fresh, a thorough cleaning is essential to longevity and cleanliness of your carpet. Only a professional carpet cleaning company can reach deep into the fibres of your carpet to remove built up dirt, dust and allergens. By calling Gordon’s Carpet Cleaning regularly, your carpet will not only look and smell cleaner, but will be rid of old dirt and dust that can’t be reached with a vacuum.

You may be asking: How often should I steam clean my carpets?

How often your carpets should be cleaned by a professional steam cleaning company depends on the traffic and use your carpet gets. If your carpet experiences heavy foot traffic in some areas more often, those areas would benefit from a quick and easy steam cleaning in between regular hot water extraction cleaning.

Remember to contact Gordon’s Carpet Cleaning in London, Ontario the next time you need professional residential carpet cleaning or commercial carpet cleaning for your business. When you need your carpet to look like new call us! Great rates & expert service!